Friday, February 28, 2020

The Organisational Context of Management Accounting Essay

The Organisational Context of Management Accounting - Essay Example This paper is aimed at analyzing the case study of the Royal Danish Theatre (RDT).   In an attempt to implement budgetary and management control system into RDT that met with resistance from different actors. The objectives of this paper can be examined from three dimensions.   In the first instance, the paper seeks to outline, analyse and discuss the main issues concerning the case study of the Royal Danish Theatre in relation to management control and accountability. In the second part of the paper, the paper identifies the study’s methodological assumptions of the case study using agency and contingency theory. The paper interprets the similarities and differences of the case study from each of the theoretical perspective. Following a series of budgetary control and a number of reforms which were instituted to push RDT towards the break even point. Thus;   in our analyses we will be evaluating the management control system of   RDT as described in the case study in section ; analyzing the case using agency and contingency theories in section; comparing and contrasting agency and contingency theory perspectives as well as looking at how the interpretation of the case differ from each theoretical perspective in section . This dscussion identifies and discusses the various issues raised in the case from an academic and professional perspective. These issues are presented under different subsections below.

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